Redmond, OR (February 22, 2024) —Working in partnership with the Crooked River Watershed Council, Thornburgh Resort announced today that it is committing a $400,000 pledge to improve and conserve 10-miles of the Crooked River.

“This pledge from Thornburgh Resort gives us the seed and match money to pursue a funding initiative to enhance and improve river habitat on a 10-mile stretch of the Crooked River,” said Chris Gannon, Director of the Crooked River Watershed Council (CRWC). “Our mission is to promote stewardship of the Crooked River Watershed and its resources, and to ensure sustainable watershed health, function, and uses for optimal conservation and economic benefits,” said Gannon, “this pledge from Thornburgh Resort will help us ensure the future viability of our crucial water system in the Crooked River Watershed,” said Gannon.

Thornburgh’s Fish and Wildlife Mitigation Plan (FWMP) was found to result in an overall net benefit to the fisheries habitat in the affected reaches of the Deschutes Basin, including the Deschutes River, Whychus Creek, the Little Deschutes River, and the Crooked River.

In reviewing the FWMP, the Land Use Board of Appeals cited fisheries scientist Dr. Lucius Caldwell, who said the following about the FWMP, “In conclusion, the findings indicate that the combination of planned groundwater pumping at Thornburgh Resort, and the associated mitigation planned to offset this pumping as described in the 2022 Fish and Wildlife Mitigation Plan (NCI 2008; Newton 2022), appear to be a net benefit for both fish habitat quantity and quality at all sites evaluated and would result in no net loss of fish habitat quantity or quality.”

Despite having an already environmentally positive plan set in place, Thornburgh is committed to taking additional steps to ensure the long-term sustainability of both the resort and the Deschutes Basin.

“Water is a crucial resource,” said Kameron DeLashmutt. “Our goal is for Thornburgh to become the most environmentally conscious master-planned community in the West, if not the U.S. We have committed to a multidecade plan that will maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of the Crooked River and, by association, the greater Deschutes Basin.”

In the conservation action plan set forth by the Crooked River Watershed Council to be funded by Thornburgh’s $400,000 donation, the following steps have been identified to address the needs of the Crooked River for long-term sustainability:

-In 2023, CRWC conducted a water sampling and analysis project to determine the source of nitrogen in the river to determine remediation efforts.

– From 2024-2028, CRWC has planned fishery-focused improvements along six miles of the Crooked River. These improvements include elements designed to improve fish habitat, the diversification of vegetation and the health of side-channel habitats.

– From 2029-2033, CRWC has planned additional fishery-focused improvements along another five mile stretch of river. These improvements will focus on riparian fencing for livestock, off-channel livestock watering, riparian habitat improvements, along with adding fish habitat structures and native trees in the floodplain.

Thornburgh will continue this commitment by providing funding throughout the plan’s lifetime.

“We are committed to maintaining and improving the wellbeing of our natural resources, and through this plan with the CRWC, we hope to maintain this wellbeing so that future generations of Oregonians and visitors alike can come and enjoy the natural beauty of Central Oregon,” said DeLashmutt.

About Thornburgh Resort:
Thornburgh is a residential community nestled in the foothills of the Cline Buttes outside Redmond, Oregon. Set within a 40,000-acre juniper forest, Thornburgh offers the finest golf and club facilities, stunning mountain vistas, miles of private hiking and bike trails, lakes and beach club, swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness and spa facilities, the pickleball and tennis complex, parks, kids camp, lawns, and superlative dining.

In every decision we make, our guiding principle is to combine native beauty and thoughtful design to create a naturally elegant lifestyle.

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