Eva and Everett Thornburgh bought this land in 1953 for $5,000 and 35 yearling heifers. The longer Everett and Eva chased cows over the hills or looked for missing calves in the narrow canyons, the more they came to love the diverse beauty of this land. From its dramatic mountain views to the rock ridges, and the 1,000-year-old junipers stubbornly clinging to life, a bond was forged with this special land. It became a place to steward. That commitment has been passed down to the family members now building Thornburgh. Great care is being taken to preserve the vast open spaces and the dramatic mountain views. In every decision we make, our guiding principle is to combine native beauty and thoughtful design to create a naturally elegant lifestyle.


Planned road locations have been moved to preserve rock ridges. Buildings are sited to preserve majestic old junipers. Golf fairways will lay within the natural contours of the land to highlight its natural beauty and will be placed there using the softest possible touch. Buildings are designed to blend into the land, to complement it – not scar it. For decades this land was central to the Thornburghs rewarding life, and a source of memories for generations of our family. Today we are designing a community with every amenity we would want because Thornburgh will be home to our family as well.